Trotoush-Caccavari Family

Pitango grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel and Maia in Pisa, Italy. They met in New York City about 20 years ago, and since then have spent a lot of time traveling the world and learning about different cultures. Maia is a Reiki master and teacher and a shamanic healing facilitator. Pitango is the owner and designer forPitango Jewelry, an internationally known jewelry business.

When their son Teo arrived in 2006, Maia and Pitango felt the urge to change their wandering lifestyle. They both were lucky to grow up in nature and wanted to share this wonder with their son. They decided it was time to settle down and develop 'roots' somewhere beautiful and special. This is how they came to Sedona. In August of 2010, after visiting Sedona for a workshop and falling in love with it, they decided to move.

While living in New York, Maia helped create the Waldorf-inspired New Amsterdam School, and since then has been continually learning about Waldorf education. Finding the Red Earth Waldorf Kindergarten in Sedona for her son has had a big influence on their lives. Maia worked at the kindergarten as Assistant Teacher for three years, learning in depth about the beauty and spiritual value of Waldorf education.

Pitango and Maia's desire for Teo to continue with a Waldorf education inspired them to join the small group of parents who wanted the same thing for their children. They are now happy to be a part of the creative efforts of Running River School (RRS). For Maia and Pitango, one of the most important long-term goals for RRS is to be able to offer this type of quality education to every family that wants it, regardless of their economic situation. That is why RRS is a non- profit and why the group is working diligently to get involved with the community. Maia believes that soon RRS will be so well supported that many families will be able to join because the school will have the ability to offer tuition based on a sliding scale.