‚ÄčJenny Allan

Jenny grew up in a home filled with a reverence for nature, art and music. She attended Layton School of Art before raising 4 children. Before becoming a teacher, Jenny worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, art director, fabric designer, photo stylist and muralist. Jenny believes the most creative job in the world is raising a child.

Her love for children has taken her to the Philippines, Honduras, Malawi, Mexico and Namibia where she worked on projects including rebuilding a village, developing a nursery school for aids victims, and painting murals with orphans.
Jenny's family led her to Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf Pedagogy. "My first experience visiting a Waldorf based Lifeways daycare in Milwaukee Wisconsin left me in tears and with a sense of a calling. I was struck with Waldorf's deep holistic approach. It was an educational and cultural solution to the needs so present in society. Having worked with inner city children for 12 years, it was painfully clear what was missing. I was compelled to find out where one trains to be a Waldorf teacher and found myself on an amazing journey."

The Great Lakes Waldorf Institute was beginning its summer intensive the next month. Graduating 4 years later, Jenny taught her first block as a grades teacher at Prairie Hill Waldorf School in Pewaukee, Wisconsin where she also worked as a kindergarten and aftercare teacher before accepting a grades position at Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

"Foundational to learning is a child's experience of being loved. My continuous attempt to be the open vessel through which the needs of my students are met is my responsibility as their teacher. It goes beyond pedagogy. I hope to inspire a love for learning and a reverence for life; to foster empathy, compassion, determination, creative grit and an aspiration to be our best self.