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Our school needs to  secure $315K in extra funding (which includes funds for minor remodeling) for a more permanent location. We need all community members to actively support fundraising efforts in any and all ways they can!​ 

If we can reach $150, 000, we have an anonymous donator to match out amount! As of July 28, we are at $119, 078!!

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• Life-long Love of Learning

• "Whole Child" Approach
"It Takes A Village"

At Running River School, a 1-8 grade school initiative located in Sedona, AZ, we believe education should foster the ability to think with clarity, feel with compassion, and initiate change with confidence. Inspired by Waldorf education, we strive to awaken and develop each child's individual capacities  and support their innate desire to continually discover the world, and their place within it. 

​​​Our family collective environment offers a rich, deep, and dynamic experience for the whole family. Imagine what being an integral part of your child's education, and school community, could mean for you and your child.

• Developmentally Appropriate