If, during the first period of life, we create an atmosphere of gratitude around the children, then out of this gratitude toward the world, toward the entire universe, and also out of thankfulness for being able to be in this world, a profound and warm sense of devotion will arise - upright, honest, and true.

                              - Rudolf Steiner

Family Collective

What does the Family Collective look like?

The family collective format encourages a great deal of interaction among all members of Running River School: teachers, parents and children. This interaction creates a strong, supportive school community, and greatly benefits all involved.

Parents are involved in many ways, helping the staff provide the most enriched environment possible for students. Running River School epitomizes the old Swahili proverb, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.” There is no traditional Principal or Head Master. It operates through the Board of Directors' regular meetings and parent participation.

Why choose a Family Collective style?

One of our initial reasons for creating a new school was born of our collective desire to experience a deep and on-going relationship with our children. Close contact with Running River School provides parents direct knowledge about their children’s activities, academic and social skills, and peer relationships. Running River School children benefit from the community-minded member families, and the diverse pool of skills and talents among them.

Our children will grow up surrounded by an alliance of adults devoted to their growth and well-being. Parents will also find themselves enriched by what the Running River School's “village” has to offer. Adults and children build deep, long-lasting connections with other member families. The opportunity to learn new skills and continue personal growth, while being part of a nurturing community, is part of our vision. Participating in this collective platform while helping to guide the children throughout each year is a truly profound experience for the whole family.

How can I participate?

Running River School relies on the participation of parents for its communal environment. This aspect of Running River School was created with the deep purpose of creating a mutually enriching environment for everyone involved. We know that your time is valuable, and because we understand the varied constraints common to family life, Running River School will work to provide a range of cooperative options.

Keep in mind that we are still in the creation phase of our Family Cooperative form which will continue to evolve as the needs of our school community evolve. Currently, it looks something like this:

  • Attendance at regularly scheduled community meetings.

  • Cleaning, general upkeep, and "work parties".

  • Off-site “extra-curricular” activities may be supported by parents. Field trips might highlight specific parental skills and/or interests, or introduce possible opportunities to become involved in our local community. Our nearby natural settings and our varied cultural/historical sites that are unique to our area will also be sources to draw upon.

  • All of our families are encouraged to participate in school-wide fundraising efforts. It may be as involved as “manning” an actual event, or as simple as talking to and/or sending something to friends and family. (In an effort to keep tuition affordable, fundraising will be necessary for the school's financial well-being.)

  • Our festival and ceremony needs, throughout the year, will also be met by families.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, probably. This is the information we have been able to thoughtfully consider so far, and what may serve to initially shape our cooperative form. Our Family Cooperative will continue to grow and change to meet the Running River School community’s needs. We invite you to grow with us, and experience what this kind of school community can do for the growth of your child and family as a whole. Please don’t hesitate to  contact us  with any question you might have, big or small; finding the answers to your important questions will help us to grow as well.