How do I enroll my child?

The first step is to submit an application, along with the $30 application fee (per child). We can send you an application by mail, email, or fax; you may also print the application for yourself. Once your child’s application is reviewed and accepted (which typically also includes personal contact with the parents as well as the child or children), a $75 yearly enrollment fee, along with first month’s tuition of $565, per student, is required. These fees guarantee that a space will be held for your child (children) for the upcoming school year.

When are tuition and fees due?

  • The $30 Application Fee is due upon submission of an application.

  • The $75 Registration Fee and first month’s Tuition of $565 are due within 30 days of when the application is accepted (if you are registering your child after the normal registration period these fees are due immediately after acceptance).

  • If you are a family who is re-enrolling, the first month’s Tuition is due by June 1st of the upcoming school year ($565).

  • The Supply Fee and Enrollment Fee is due by July 1st of the upcoming school year ($350 + $75: $425).

  • Regular tuition payments ($565) start August 1st and are due on the 1st of each successive month through May 1st.

What if my child starts after the beginning of the school year?

If you are enrolling your child into our program after the beginning of the school year, Running River School will prorate tuition appropriately, based on a monthly pro-ration. We will not pro-rate on a daily or weekly basis. For example: if the school year has begun during the month of August and you are enrolling your child in the middle of September, you would be responsible for full monthly tuition payments from September through May. All other fees will apply in full and will not be prorated, including one month’s tuition payment, which is required to enroll your child, as outlined above.

Is tuition assistance available?

Running River School believes Waldorf education should be available to families of all economic levels. We also believe that both the school and participating families need to stretch their respective budgets to make this possible. We are continually working on ways to support the school, outside of tuition, to make it affordable for all families. Helping families in need attend Running River School is one of our ongoing and long term goals.

There are two forms of assistance potentially available to families in need:

  • Tuition Assistance ($34 application fee)
  • Arizona Tax Credit Program (No fee for applying)

To apply for tuition assistance a family is also required to apply for a scholarship through the "School Tuition Organization" that we partner with. We currently partner with Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund (APESF) that uses the Arizona School Tax Credit program to offer scholarships to students wanting to attend qualified private schools. A student's official enrollment in Running River School is required by APESF to be able to apply for a scholarship. Please first follow the steps above to make an application to RRS and become enrolled. Your family, or at least one parent, will be asked to schedule a meeting with the school to learn about this program before being awarded any further Tuition Assistance from the school.

We partner with TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services), an independent company, to determine how much assistance each individual family needs. Please first download and complete the "Financial Aid Worksheet" to prepare yourself to make the application. It is important to have certain documents and figures available to you before making the application. The application fee is $34 and is paid to TADS, and not to the school.

We strongly encourage Running River School parents who may not need financial assistance to consider participating in this tax credit program to help lower income students attend the school. It is an easy-to-use program that redirects taxes you may owe to the state of Arizona into a scholarship fund instead. It is the closest thing to making a donation to Running River School that won't cost you any money! Please contact us to learn more about this program or contact APESF directly. If you are already familiar with this type of program you can donate to APESF online. Your personal tax professional may also be able to help guide you through the "Arizona School Tax Credit" process.The deadline to contribute to this program each year is April 15th. Because this donation is being made to an official 501(c)3 organization, it may also be tax deductible on your federal taxes, depending on how you file.

Do I have any commitments beyond tuition and enrollment fees?

Running River School is a 501(c)3 organization. As with any non-profit organization our fundraising efforts will be an ongoing endeavor.Outside of tuition, we will be relying on grants, community fundraising efforts, and donations for extra avenues of financial assistance.

In the interest of making RRS available to a broad spectrum of families our tuition is minimal (especially compared to national averages for private education). Therefore, we would be hard pressed to achieve our financial goals without your assistance.  There are many interesting opportunities throughout the year to encourage family participation. It may be as simple as writing letters or as involved as helping with larger fundraising events.

If you have a new idea of your own, or have previously participated in a successful event, we invite you to share your ideas and expertise.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

Click here to apply at tads.com
Click here to apply at tads.com

* Please note: Tuition and fees may be subject to an increase on a yearly basis. The normal projected increase is commonly between 2%-3%, which is the average federal "cost of living" inflation. Please read our Tuition Assistance section above to learn more about possible financial assistance.

Tuition and Fees

- Application Fee: $30

- Registration Fee: $75/year

- Supply Fee: $350/year

- Tuition: $6430/year *