Anna Persson

Anna has worked for RRS since 2016 and is currently the combined 3rd and 4th Grade teacher. She has been with her present class for three years and loves every moment with them! Anna feels passionately about creating loving, safe spaces for children, teaching in nature, and reaching each child in a heartfelt way that brings meaning and connection to them. She wants the children to engage in the world around them harmoniously. Her favorite activities with her class are engaging in nature lessons, working with fun creative crafts, and most of all sharing lovingly in the good humor that comes from her students. Outside of teaching, Anna has served on the School Board and Hiring Committee since 2016. She feels passionately about being a part of the organizational aspects of the school and being a part of its evolution. 

Before Anna joined RRS faculty, she taught for three years as a Special Educational Assistant and as a Behavioral Assistant in the public schools in Oregon. This is where she truly discovered her deep passion for working with children. Many of the students that Anna taught were not only dealing with disabilities but were also struggling with poverty, transitional home life in foster care, and abusive backgrounds. Anna could not help but feel overflowing love for her students and a deep desire to help them in any way she could as their teacher. During this time, she instinctually took on Rudolf Steiner’s creative approach to education and she soon decided that Waldorf Education had the depth she desired as a teacher. In 2015, Anna completed her Waldorf Teacher Training at the Eugene Waldorf School in Oregon.

Before teaching, Anna began her journey working with children by volunteering in Mexico during Spring Breaks building houses for families in need. During her many trips there, she felt an amazing connection to the children and began leading them in group activities naturally. In her early years she was a ceramic teacher’s assistant and led middle and high school students. This led her to study ceramics in college for two years in Sweden and at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. She continued college at LCC and later achieved her certificate as a Massage Therapist in 2013. 

Anna feels passionate about her calling as a teacher and what it means to be a loving role model for a child. Providing a healthy foundation to children and providing the tools in life for them to be successful loving and free human beings, is what Anna strives to achieve with her students. 

“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.”
  - Rudolf Steiner